Beer Festivals

Who doesn't love an excuse to have a beer? Our selection of beer festival hire takes the stress out of organising an event and gives you the chance to concentrate on the booze.

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Beer festivals are no longer the sole preserve of the real ale fanatic. More and more are popping up as people look to celebrate the best of British and worldwide beer. Make your festival easier with our beer festival hire.

What products are most used for beer festival hire?

From our experience of supplying beer festivals around the Thames Valley, we’ve come to understand what people most need from their beer festival hire.

One of the most popular products hired are our glass cabinet fridges. Designed to hold a large number of bottles, these fridges are not only a good storage solution but they are practical for retail purposes also. They’re great for showcasing beers in a colder environment ready for sale, while our under counter fridges work well with bars and counters.

We stock draught beer dispensers which are designed to work with most standard kegs. Simply attach the dispenser, plug it in and it’s ready to go. These are particularly good when you need to quickly dispense beer for many thirsty guesses.

For seating, our beer bench sets are perfect for groups to sit together. Quick to set up and easy to move around, these are a very easy way to create a pop up festival space.

If you’re in need of glassware, we stock a wide range of beer glasses for hire including the ever popular 1 litre beer steins which are perfect for your version of Oktoberfest.

How does delivery of beer festival hire work?

All of our beer festival hire items are cleaned and checked prior to dispatch. We PAT test all of our electrical equipment so that it is safe to use, and it all comes with a standard three pin UK plug attached. Some equipment can be large and it’s important that access is clear and flat as our drivers are not allowed to carry items up or down stairs.