Exhibition Showcases

if you're displaying your services or products at a trade show or exhibition, our showcases for hire are a must. They come complete with lighting to make your company really stand out.

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Display cabinets are the cornerstone of our exhibition hire offering. We've got lots of experience with exhibition showcase hire, and we've learned which products really are the best for making your goods and services stand out from the competition.

What do I need to know about Exhibition Showcase Hire?

When ordering exhibition showcase hire it's really important to know the exact footprint of your stand, so you can work out where your display cabinets will go and what storage space you will need. We offer showcases both with full retail area and with lockable storage space so you're covered either way; in different sizes from a simple counter top model all the way up to the huge wideboy two-door display cabinets. All of our display cabinets come fitted with LED lights so it's also important you've got access to a power outlet.

We check each one of our display cabinets carefully before dispatch. They are all PAT tested regularly too, with the date of the last PAT test written on a sticker on the plug so you can be sure that the lights will work correctly.

What about delivery of exhibition showcase hire?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small trade show, an exclusive product launch or even a big exhibition – no business needs to stress about getting items delivered to them in good time. We’ve been delivering exhibition hire throughout south Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Surrey for some time and we’ve come to understand how we can make the process smooth for everyone.

The most important thing we need is information – the name of the show, the hall number if applicable and the stand number. If a customer puts all of that into the delivery details when placing the order, it means our driver can deliver to and collect from the stand directly – even if the customer isn’t there.

Want to know when your delivery is coming? You can track your driver using our real time maps on the day of delivery and collection. Simply tap the link in the automated text we send you and you can find out where they are - no need to call for updates.