If you need protection from the Great British climate, it's hard to go wrong with gazebo hire. Perfect for fetes, festvals and garden parties.

Gazebo hire makes up one of our most hired products in the spring and summer. Great for keeping off spring showers or the hot summer sun, our gazebos for hire are easy to set up.

What do I need to know about Gazebo Hire?

All of our pop up gazebos are designed to be quick and easy to set up. Take them out of the bag they are supplied in, and then with two people gently open out the frame until it’s fully extended. Then it’s a simple case of unscrewing the legs, and attaching the walls if needed to complete the task. Our gazebos come complete with weights and tie ropes to keep them grounded; these will handle light winds but we do not advise our gazebos being used if the wind is gusty.

Heating can be tricky with gazebos. While LPG patio heaters are great in outside conditions, they are dangerous under cover and should not be used in conjunction with gazebos. Instead, we recommend using infra red heaters which are designed to be used under cover.

How does delivery of Gazebo Hire work?

Our delivery drivers deliver throughout the Thames Valley seven days a week, including to venues in Reading, Slough, High Wycombe, Newbury, Bracknell, Woking, Surrey and Berkshire. Because our drivers are multiple drop drivers, delivering and collecting many orders per day we have to organise them as efficiently and economically as possible. This means that timed deliveries can only be offered subject to availability and a surcharge.

All of our gazebos are cleaned and checked prior to delivery to assure that they arrive in the best condition possible.