Gazebo Lighting and Heating

Bring heat and light to your gazebo with our excellent gazebo lighting hire and gazebo heating hire. Great for late evening garden parties and pop up food stalls

Gazebos are great for outside events, particularly in the summer months when the days are long and the evenings are light. Our gazebo lighting hire and gazebo heating hire will help you extend how long you can be out in your gazebo for, and is great for garden parties and pop up stalls alike.

What do I need to know about gazebo lighting and heating hire?

The most important factor to take into consideration when using our lighting and heating hire is your power supply. While lighting doesn’t draw much electricity and should easily run off an extension, heating uses powerful halogen lamps which draws quite a large wattage. This means that you need to ensure that the power supply is capable of supplying that level of power; if it is overloaded it can trip out which causes problems.

How does delivery of gazebo heating and lighting hire work?

We deliver gazebo heating and lighting hire throughout the Thames Valley, including to Reading, Slough, High Wycombe, Newbury, Bracknell, Woking, Surrey and Berkshire. You can find out how much delivery costs by checking the carriage calculator on the home page of the website – simply enter in the delivery post code and the carriage calculator will tell you how much a standard delivery and collection will be. Please note that weekend, bank holiday and timed deliveries and collections attract a surcharge.