Serve food and drink at your next event or occasion with some of our great crockery hire, ready to be delivered throughout the Thames Valley.

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10" Porcelain Winged Plate Hire (25cm)   White Porcelain
£0.30 ex-Vat
8" Porcelain Winged Small Plate (21cm)   White Porcelain
£0.25 ex-Vat
6" Porcelain Winged Side Plate (16cm)   White Porcelain
£0.20 ex-Vat
12" Porcelain Winged Large Plate (31cm)   White Porcelain
£0.50 ex-Vat
Oatmeal Bowl (16CM - 6") - White Porcelain   White Porcelain
£0.20 ex-Vat
Square Bowl (16CM - 6")   White Porcelain
£0.50 ex-Vat
Square Plate Hire - (8in 20.5cm)   White Porcelain
£0.55 ex-Vat
Oval Plate Hire (30 x 24cm)   White Porcelain
£0.75 ex-Vat
5" Porcelain Rice Bowl (13cm)   White Porcelain
£0.30 ex-Vat
Porcelite Tear Bowl Hire   White Porcelain
£0.45 ex-Vat
12oz Gravy Boat Hire   Condiments
£0.95 ex-Vat
Oval Plate Hire (24.5 x 19cm)   White Porcelain
£0.45 ex-Vat
Tea/Coffee Pot Hire - 11oz   White Porcelain
£1.20 ex-Vat
White porcelain pepper pot to hire   Condiments
£0.30 ex-Vat
Salt Pot - Simply Vitrified Hotelware Porcelain   Condiments
£0.30 ex-Vat
Butter Pad Hire   Condiments
£0.30 ex-Vat
Square Plate Hire - 27.5cm   White Porcelain
£1.10 ex-Vat
Espresso Saucers for Hire   Ivory Porcelain
£0.25 ex-Vat
Espresso Cups for Hire   Ivory Porcelain
£0.20 ex-Vat
Square Tapas Dish Hire   White Porcelain
£0.45 ex-Vat

Crockery hire is one of the cornerstones of what we do at Expo Hire Thames Valley. We keep large quantities in stock to cater to even the largest of functions.

What kinds of crockery hire are there?

There are four main kinds of crockery hire we have available.

Plates and platters are the most common pieces of crockery hire we have available on our site. These range from small plates for bread to huge platters for buffet service.

For those serving soups, salads and puddings bowls are essential. These come in a range of shapes and sizes to meet your requirements.

Cups and saucers are essential for those who are offering tea and coffee. We offer standard size regular cups for those who are sticking with the basics, along with espresso and cappuccino cups for those who want a more upmarket offering.

We also stock a wide range of service crockery options like cake stands for more specialised events and functions.

Do I have to clean crockery hire before it is collected?

The last thing anyone wants to do after a big event is wash up all the crockery hire used; but did you know this is when most crockery gets broken while on hire?

It's for this reason that we have made it mandatory for all crockery items to have the send it back dirty option added at checkout. The only thing a customer needs to do is to ensure all crockery is free of food debris and residual liquid before repacking ready for collection.

How does delivery of crockery hire work?

Quickly find out how much it costs for us to deliver event hire to you using our carriage calculator. Tap the Expo Hire Thames Valley logo from anywhere on the website to be taken to the homepage, where you will find the carriage calculator button. Enter your postcode into the clever widget and find out not only the carriage charge, but also confirm which of our websites is closest to you so you never overpay for delivery.

We also list all possible surcharges on that page. If any of these are applicable, they are confirmed in the checkout once you have reconfirmed your delivery address and dates, and are itemised in full so there are no nasty surprises before you pay.

Want to know when your delivery is coming? You can track your driver using our real time maps on the day of delivery and collection. Simply tap the link in the automated text we send you and you can find out where they are - no need to call for updates.